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  S.B Singh State Informatics Officer, Anshu Rohatgi, Informatics Regional Editor  


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U.P. today, is the address of every one who matters in the industry in India. Sharing borders with seven different states, Nepal and national capital New Delhi and being a goldmine of disciplined, productive and inexpensive manpower, the state has attracted some of the largest national and international companies to set-up their businesses in the state.

"Uttar Pradesh" the land of Unlimited Potential is one of the largest and most populous state of the country. Endowed with fertile land, salubrious climate and mighty river systems, it has long been, the granary of India. Sharing borders with seven different states, Nepal and national capital New Delhi and being a goldmine of disciplined, productive and inexpensive manpower, the state has attracted some of the largest national & international companies to set-up their businesses in the state. U.P. today, is the address of every one who matters in the industry in India.  The state has also been playing a critical and at times decisive role in India's perplexing politics. But for four, all the Prime Ministers, which India has so far seen, come from this part of the country. Uttar Pradesh has everything you can ever ask for except maybe a sea shore.

"Efficient, Honest, Sensitive, Simplified and Organized" - is how many governments would like to define themselves in the present times. The ability to provide transparent, responsive and friendly government services is the need of the hour. State governments around India are increasingly using technology to improve efficiency and provide online services to citizens. Uttar Pradesh too has embraced the concept of e-Government, undertaking various initiatives to turn this dream into reality. It has in place an IT policy which aims at the creation of investment opportunities and building of a knowledge-based society by the year 2010. ICT infrastructures are being developed and spread right across the state down to the tehsil and block levels.

Leadership Initiatives

e-Governance implementations in Uttar Pradesh have had a successful signaling effect for the outside world. They have effectively showcased how modern-day UP is progressing, how new infrastructure that is being added complements the existing resource base, and how ICT is being harnessed for implementing some of the best initiatives of good governance. The strategy is based on four major drivers-

a. Focus on Rural Masses - In Uttar Pradesh decision has been taken that the unit of development in the State will be a village. It will be the village that will work as pivot and accelerate
the pace of development. All the IT enabled services will be designed and implemented so as to reach the rural population. This will not only bridge the digital divide but will also facilitate rural prosperity & rural empowerment.

The unprecedented popularity of projects like Janmitra Ekal Seva Kendra, Ghazibad, Lokvani and Bhulekh in the state amply demonstrate the acceptability of e-Governance initiatives among the rural masses. It also shows how such rural-centric applications are in line with the overall e-Governance and ICT strategy of the state.

b. Process Re-engineering -  e-Governance applications in the state are effecting changes at every level of the Government resulting in more efficiency & transparency in its operations - automation of treasuries has brought about changes in the state’s financial rules, computerisation of land records has caused changes in the state’s Land Records Manual, e-Patravali has introduced a novel way of working with documents & files, transport computerization has simplified processes and property registration system has caused changes in the established manual system of registration of land. There are many such examples.

Introduction of ICT in the Government through the successful implementation of some of the above projects has resulted in the changes of archaic rules and old formats of information sharing. It has ensured that Government of the day keeps pace with the modern times making its delivery systems more responsive and more effective.

c. IT Infrastructure – A robust, scalable IT infrastructure is the building block of all IT applications. Efforts are being made by the state government to facilitate provision of cheap communication infrastructure right up to the village level for ensuring better efficiency and productivity.

UP was the first in the country to have a 73 node SCPC DAMA based video conferencing setup connecting all districts in a data plus video mode over NICNET. NIC has setup state-of-art computer centres at all the 70 Districts of the state equipped with latest computer hardware, software & networking infrastructure. The NIC State Centre at Lucknow is equipped with a high-end Server Farm, Storage Area Network and a Network Management Center to extend 24x7 services to the state government departments, organizations & public.

UP also has the distinction of being one of the first few states to have a Sachivalaya Campus Area Network (SCAN) connecting all the state government departments (spread over 11 Government buildings of the State Capital) in an Intranet. This RF/Fiber based network has extended Internet to each room of the Sachivalaya and has more than 2500 nodes.

d. Standardization - Uttar Pradesh has evolved a standardization process of its own. It has in place an IT procurement policy for the government departments, fibre laying policy, hardware policy, etc. The aim of these
policies is to lay uniform standards, provide guidelines, rebates, etc. and to ensure that any IT investment in the state should suitably help in the removal of digital divide and deeper computer/internet penetration across the state.


NIC has been working in close coordination with the state government since 1988. As an IT consultant, total solution provider, system integrator, software development centre, implementer, trainer and IT support centre the services extended to the State Government have been acknowledged time-and-again. The NIC, State Unit and District Centres are committed to transform the state government's vision of "improving quality of life of citizens using ICT" into reality.

e-Governance Success Stories

Lokvani - One of the most successful citizen centric application of the state Lokvani aims at redressing the public grievances in a simple, transparent and time bound manner. The user enters his complaint/grievance through selected Cyber Café/Dhaba spread across the districts through NET and the district authorities have to update the action taken within a stipulated time frame. The user need not visit the Collectorate or run around Government Offices for getting his complaint registered and solved. Further enhancements such as registration of Birth & Death, Land Records information etc have also been added on the Lokvani platform to provide the citizen a single point of contact for all his requirements. The success of the pilot implementation prompted the state government to rollout the application in all the districts of the state.

NIC, Uttar Pradesh has made a significant contribution towards the growth of IT enabled services in the state. Applications such as Lokvani, Bhulekh, Prerna, Vahan, Koshvani etc., have benefited the common masses and helped to improve services.

I have always found the officers of NIC to be extremely helpful and forthcoming in providing support whenever required.

Sh. Shasi Prakash Goyal, IAS

Bhulekh - this is an e-Governance application especially for farmers & land owners. The data digitization which started in 1990s is complete and the Land Record details are now available on the Net (http://bhulekh.up.nic.in). The State Government has also issued orders to stop all manual systems and use only computers for issuance of Record of Right (Khatauni). The application has made Land Records Management - transparent and efficient, It has ensured hassle free availability of Record of Rights to Public and reduced inconsistency of land records data.

The software has been implemented in all the tehsils of the state. More than 150 lakh Khataunis have been distributed since inception and a revenue of about 2300 lakh has been
collected (till end of March 2007) by way of service charges.

Prerna - is one stop citizen-centric electronic solution for all kind of property registration. It has knowledge base of all the legislation, procedures with respect to deed registration. It functions as a single window delivery of e-services like - market value assistance, on demand generation of encumbrance certificate, on-spot registration etc.  Implemented in 106 Sub Registrar Offices the application has made the property registration a very "SARAL" process.

The Computerization of the registration process in 106 Sub Registrar Offices of the State has been a great success due to the sincere and dedicated efforts of NIC,UP. I will like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude and appreciation for the commendable work done by the state & district officials of NIC.

Sh. Sunil Kumar, IAS

File Tracking System "e Patravali Pranali"-  is a web based solution designed and developed to facilitate easier tracing, retrieval and archival of files & letters received by different departments of the State Government. The project has been instrumental in ushering in an era of eGovernance in the State, and has increased the transparency, efficiency & effectiveness in the Government Offices. The state government has already issued a GO to implement the application in all departments of the state.

Niyukti Online Seva - Niyukti Online (
http://niyuktionline.up.nic.in) & Niyukti Seva (http://niyuktiseva.up.nic.in) are two web portals, launched by the Government of UP to provide fast, easy, effective and clean administration to the officials of the state government and the people.

The portals seek to automate & streamline different activities of the Appointment Personal and Training Department, increase transparency and provide a single, personalized entry point or gateway to information and

Home page of Niyukti Online Seva Portal

systems that any employee needs. The niyuktionline site provides the basic information on rules, procedures etc related to the service matters of the employees, while the niyuktiseva site is an exclusive portal for the IAS & PCS officers of the state for online handling of service matters like submission of application for leaves, advances etc.

I would like to compliment NIC to their excellent workmanship and support for the modernization of the Appointment Department. The Niyukti portal is a unique model of G2C & G2E services and has brought about a paradigm change in the working of the department making it more efficient & transparent.

Sh. Umesh Sinha, IAS

GIS based Planning Atlas - The atlas prepared for the planning department consists of about 100 bi-lingual maps based on development/socioeconomic indicators. The complete atlas is available online (http://planning.up.nic.in/atlas2004.htm) and an online dynamic map query based on 4000 indicators of sankhyaki patrika is also possible. The application has helped the planning department to drastically cut down on the time required for preparation of Planning Atlas manually.

Online Counselling & Examination Results - UP is the only state after IIT and IEEE to conduct the online counseling for admission to various Engineering, Management, Pharma & Architecture Institutes of the state. The application was designed to help the student community and caters to the requirements of more than 50,000 candidates seeking admission in about 180 institutes in 8 different streams. The UP results portal publishes various results of UP Board, BHU, UPTU etc every year for the benefit of the students across the state.

There are numerous other projects like Pensioners Database, RuralSoft, Health MIS, Web based budget management system, web based MPR, Revenue Court Monitoring System, etc developed and implemented covering all the facets of e-Governance in the state.

Awards & Certificates

In deep contrast to its image of an IT laggard state, Uttar Pradesh is shining bright at many of the national and international e-Governance awards ceremonies. These awards not only recognize the sincerity and hard work put into the e-Governance implementation, but also inspires people to perform better and take up new challenges. Some of the projects that have received national and international recognition are

Lokvani - Golden Icon Award at the 9th National e-Governance Conference in Jan 2006. Manthan Award in 2006 and Special mention at Stockholm Awards, Sweden

NISANI (National Identity Card Software) - Manthan Gold Award, 2005

ITSANIC (Treasury Computerisation) Oracle
e-Governance Award & Certified by ISO under Quality Management System

BHULEKH - Oracle e-Governance Award  & Certified by ISO under Quality Management System.

Manthan Award 2006 to NIC, District Unit, Pilibhit for SGPGI OPD on Video Conferencing

Transformational Leadership Samman 2005 to Shri S.B. Singh from Lucknow Management Association

Dataquest e-Gov Champions Award 2006 to Shri. S.B. Singh

However, the feedback in the form of satisfaction-levels of the farmers and general citizens that is being received on a continuous basis is in itself a certification of successful implementation of e-Governance in the State

Web Services

NIC U.P. State Unit has been providing Web services to various government departments, organizations & institutes since 1998. It caters to all the aspects of web services viz. consultancy, website design, development and hosting. The basket of design and development services includes Interface design and navigation strategy, Innovative & professional web graphics, Web authoring with latest tools and techniques, Inclusion of Interactive and dynamic components, Development of web enabled databases and Web enabling of legacy applications.





Web Hosting Infrastructure

Our hosting infrastructure includes a large number of powerful, performance-tuned and secured servers, which are well connected, to the Internet. Web Hosting is generally offered on Windows & Linux platforms. The Data Security Infrastructure consisting of firewalls, proxy server etc. provide a secure environment for online applications and more than 150 departmental/ Organisationl/ Institutional websites and 70 District websites

Road Ahead

The roadmap for the next couple of years is ready with projects that will give a boost to the IT infrastructure in the state like State Wide Area Network, State Data Centre, Community Service Centre, Centre for Excellence etc and with projects that will extend the fruits of ITES to the people of far-flung and remote areas of the state like Minority & Backword class scholarship computerization, Citizen Information Kiosks, eDistrict etc.

Of course, there are challenges to be met, as Uttar Pradesh is the most populous and one of the largest states in the county. It faces temporary impediments in the present circumstances with fast changing technology and high implementation costs involved in rolling out applications in the entire state. Yet the state is nevertheless taking long strides in harnessing ICT to position UP as one of the most IT-developed State of the country.

Sh. S.B. Singh receiving the "Transformational Leadership Samman" from Shri  R. R. Shah, Member Secretary, Planning Commission

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